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(* if IQ tests have any merit, mine being at 155 is at least fifty percent above national average for both USA and Poland)
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Mysticism get it out of your life! Have a look at the top ten list of origin stories. They should all sound equally ridiculous to you.  What should be terrifying though is the reason why LiveScience created that list in the first place: a Pennsylvania school district's decision to add the controversial "theory of intelligent design" to its curriculum.

The Top 10 Intelligent Designs (or Creation Myths)

And, just in case you've been conditioned (since I am certain you did not come up with the idea independently) to actually believe one of the versions of the number one Myth on the list above, here is a little twist to it.  It isn't new, it is in fact over 1700 years old.  It should be a good 
indication as to how arbitrary is nature of holy texts that people die for:

The Lost Gospel of Judas

Take a look at the last 200,000 years and how humans spread around the world. Reflect on how many cosmologies and stories of origins have been developed during this lengthy timeline. Each one central to the culture that created it. Each claiming it was the one and only true way of proper conduct. Each unavoidably created conflict. We're currently running on a moral operating system that is outdated by at least two thousand years! Don't you think it is time to upgrade? This genographic project should be good food for thought. Regardless of race, nationality or ethnicity, we have all descended from common ancestors. In essence we are all related. We are one several billion strong family of humans. Remember that, the next time you get mad and a racial epithet comes to your mind.

Atlas of the Human Journey - the Genographic Project

Let us hope humanity's scientific and technological advances inspire revisions to the many primitive ideologies that create conflict and strife in the world. Did you know? A very refreshing presentation on what amazing times we live in and where we're headed as a species. 

Did you know?

Even though amazing technological advances are bringing us ever closer to immortality, our ecosystems face severe anthropogenic problems that may potentially cause their collapse. The Earth Institute at Columbia University has a series of informative video lectures that will keep you up to date with the latest problems that face humanity... wars are by far the least of our worries.

As the world struggles with the global warming problem some interesting options present themselves.  Dynamic architecture for instance - buildings that move, can be produced in factories and generate green power for their own use and their surroundings..


Enjoy this outstanding New York Times article on CERN's Large Hadron Collier. The collide could potentially alter the course of history by leapfrogging humanity into a truly space faring species. Our civilization could finally get a grasp on the fundamental laws of physics and in effect harness the power of the stars in commercially viable fusion reactors and create immensely efficient anti-gravity propulsion engines. The photographic and multi-media content of this article is especially impressive (you may have to create a log in for New York Times to view this article - but don't worry it's short and it's free)

A Giant Takes On Physics Biggest Questions - New York Times
As recently as twenty years ago, vicious arguments were made against the existence of planets outside our solar system. Up to date, with various ingenuous methods, over thousand exoplanets have been identified. Billions of Earth like planets exist in the Universe? No! That's just the estimate for our Milky Way!

At Least One in Six Stars Has an Earth-sized Planet
Mars had vast oceans billions of years ago and where there was water there must have been life. There goes another preconceived and conceited anthropocentric notion that carbon based life is unique to our planet.

Mystery Solved: Mars had Large Oceans
On a different note, another one of a series of studies about the human brain was published recently. The most important things to note: 1) a brain that is challenged and trained actually improves physically and becomes healthier and more efficient, preventing all kinds of mental disorders and degenerative diseases; 2) the brain has the ability to reprogram itself, utilizing new function areas that previously have been responsible for different tasks altogether. 

Blind People Have Superior Memory Skills

This topic has been of interest to me ever since the mid eighties and the book "Seven Clues to the Origin of Life". One would imagine as abundant as life is, creating life artificially from organic compounds would not be very difficult. Yet it has not been done or at least it has not been publicized. Creation of artificial life would undoubtedly pose new theological questions that would threaten the established religions. If man can create life out of inanimate matter, does that mean man is now God? I mean after all, the whole purpose of creating the idea of a supreme being that made everything, including this amazing thing we call life, was done to explain its origin and the origin of the cosmos, is it not? And if mankind is now capable of creating life, which is attributed exclusively as a divine quality, we are now all divine QED. On a more practical note, this new life we'll be creating are garbage eating bacteria that produce biofuel. Considering the skyrocketing crude oil prices and the huge amounts of waste produced, everyone should be rooting for this biotechnology to come to fruition.

Breakthrough Could Lead to Artificial Life Forms
Lately I have been working on translating "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles.   As it turned out, the book has already been translated into Polish by at least two people, and what's more important it is available as a free e-book. I've made it available in .PDF for Polish speakers. For all you lucky ones, who can read it in the original English version, I refer you to wikisource:

"The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles

A New York Times article about a 71 year old physics professor turned web star, led me to discover and great resource offered by the MIT online for free! 1800 courses with video lectures, lecture notes and exercises with solutions. What's more all this amazing intellectual wealth has been translated into several languages including Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese! All this from one of the best technical schools in the world!

I highly recommend the following books on the nature and origin of consciousness :
"The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" by Julian Jaynes
"Evolving the Mind: On the Nature of Matter and the Origin of Consciousness"
by A.G. Cairns-Smith.
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To do that you will find the following title very useful:
"The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense"
by Joel Comm Another
wonderful book to have in your collection:
"Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space"
by Carl Sagan
My girlfriend Justyna's recommendation for some light reading and great entertainment:
by Patrick Suskind
My friend David Allen recommends this for entertainment and insight:
"Black Order: A Novel"
by James Rollins

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